It won’t keep me down.

Life has got to me this week. As much as I strive to be positive always for everyone, this week has just exhausted me of every piece of effort and positivity I had left.

Why is being a mum so much harder now? I never had these problems before when MS wasn’t in my life. Now I feel inadequate for my two year old. The stresses this brings me is just making the MS bother me more. How do I snap back out of this???

I love my kids with every ounce of me but this week I just need time off, unfortunately for me you don’t get a day off from parenthood. I just want to wake up tomorrow and feel normal again.

It’s so hard with MS. It’s never got me mentally before. Why now?? I am assured by the fact I can write to relieve me of the stress.

I am too positive for this to keep me down I just need energy to find the positivity.

So right now I’m signing out for a couple days to get my mind back on track!!

Have a nice weekend. Kim x x

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