Have you met my BFF??

I’ve got a friend.

This friend is loyal.

My friend will never leave me.


My friend is MS and through thick and thin MS will stay.

Still jealous?? Doubt it!!

You see MS is here to stay and MS is the hardest part of my life. When I’m trying to sleep, MS is there making it difficult. When I’m trying to move, MS is there making it difficult. When I do absolutely anything, MS is there making it difficult.

Through the pain I keep going because I can’t give in, can I?

I may not be in full control of my body but I have control of the most powerful part of me, my mind. My mind knows I’ve got a life I need to live, I need to create a good life for my children, they are my priority. When I wake up in agony and exhausted I would love to stay in bed all day but my mind pushes me and I need that. My mind will not allow me to give up and I need that. My mind will always look to the positives, it will always give me a reason to keep going.

Physically I am not strong, mentally I’ve become the strongest. Through hardship and pain my mind has slowly built itself up to be the strongest part of me.

If I was to give advice to anybody newly diagnosed with MS I would say; never give up on you. Some people will leave your life and thats fine. Keep your head up and don’t let it get into you mind. Mind over matter every time.

See as much as I HATE my BFF I love it too *shocked face*

My BFF is a part of me, it has moulded me into who I am today. It has taught me life lessons I wouldn’t have ever learned without MS. Self love is so important for anybody but to find love for the most painful, tiring, worse part of you that takes a lot of work. I couldn’t expect anybody to take me serious or respect me past this disease if I didn’t get my mind right and learn to embrace my MS. I have struggled, I have grown, I have cried and I have been shown. Shown the path that I have to take, shown the strength I need to see me through, I have been shown that life is not a walk in the park and that is ok because my legs couldn’t walk through the park anyway!!…But seriously this life I have is hard but this life I have is mine and I will get through this, me and my BFF.

Kim x x




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