So you don’t believe me? 5 tips that you need

We all have our fair share of ‘non believers’ and by that I mean with an invisible Illness it’s so easy for people to just not understand and in turn not believe what you go through. This bothered me a lot for a long time but I got to a point and realised that I have nothing to prove to these small minded individuals,

so here are my 5 tips for dealing with close friends/family that don’t believe your chronic illness;

  1. Don’t overthink it. It is THEIR problem they don’t believe you, not yours.
  2. If they can’t believe you it means they probably don’t understand- educate them, send them some links to read up on it.
  3. If they don’t believe what you are going through and can’t adapt to you now, cut ties with them! (easier said then done I understand but how I am I just have 0 tolerance for people not willing to try to understand what I go through.)
  4. So you used to go to the bar or days out shopping or walking through town? I personally cannot do any of these things now and this is where I noticed friends just started not including me because I turned them down a lot. I made a list and gave it to my friends and left it to them. On my list I included activities I could do or places I’d be more comfortable to be. For me this mainly included eating out or sitting at my house with friends BUT it works- now I am able to see friends, on my terms I guess and it works well for us.
  5. You shouldn’t have to put a wall up. When they ask how you are, don’t quickly throw out the go-to answer for most chronic illness sufferers, ‘I’m fine.’ Tell them if its a bad day, if you are struggling. Your honesty might go further then you think.

We are all strong, we suffer daily. Lets NOT allow ourselves to be upset or stressed because others don’t ‘get it.’ My life became a lot easier once I set myself these guidelines, for me it was essential. Please try them out if you have ‘non believers’ around and I really hope they work for you as well as they did for me.

Take care, Kim x x

5 thoughts on “So you don’t believe me? 5 tips that you need

    1. Thank you. It seems ridiculous to some but I wasn’t maintaining relationships with some people because of MS so I thought I need to just write something down (because then it’s real lol) then make things change! And they did..not everybody got on with ‘rules’ but those that matter the most were grateful that I helped them to help me x x

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  1. I’m happy to hear you’ve been able to maintain relationships with your friends. I like your point about honesty – I think saying “I’m fine” defeats the purpose of educating. Being honest about having a bad day or not can go far in people beginning to understand and want to learn more about the illness.

    Great post!

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